Yasmin Sweets

Voice | Stage | Screen

Yasmin Sweets is jazzy like that. As a voice, stage, and screen actor she consistently displays versatility, creativity and truth in her work. She has a penchant for voiceovers and despite her busy travel schedule she is still able to provide clients vocal tracks with a quick turnaround time from a Pro Tools equipped studio. Her voice acting has depth and range due to her background in theatre and dance. Her sound is unique, natural, and engaging and can be used in a variety of voiceover applications such as commercials, announcements, industrials, and narrations. She also loves to do characters and is able to do a wide variety of dialects.

Raised bilingual in the Bay Area, she has been trained in eight languages (English, Urdu, Hindi, Swedish, Arabic, Spanish, German, and Italian) though claims fluency in only five. She currently works with the Interactive Theatre Project performing live theatre using Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to a variety of audiences including high school and university students, faculty and staff, churches and youth groups.

Yasmin Sweets has performed theatre and spoken word poetry nationally in New York, California, and Colorado and internationally in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and Egypt. She received her MA from Columbia University in Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures and her BA in Sociology with a minor in Scandinavian Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She also studied at Uppsala University in Sweden where she continued her theatre education as a member of a comedic theatre troupe.