Yasmin Sweets

Voice | Stage | Screen

Current/Recent Work:


Are you a Whole Foodie?https://vimeo.com/125608064


Chevy Roadside Kid — (Mother) » http://vimeo.com/72145970

Getkosher.com — (Mother) » www.getkosher.com


Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo — (Woman), The Edge Theatre Company

Paradise — (Yasmeen), Athena Project Festival, Plays in Progress

Domestic Crusaders — (Fatima), University of Colorado Boulder


Don't Quit Ya Day Job — (Noemi), Heredia Designs » http://www.dontquityadayjob.com

Yasmin Sweets is a voice, stage, and film actor based in Denver, Colorado. She travels to both coasts as needed for roles and internationally as needed for her stir-crazy soul.

Her voice has been described as sultry, smooth, smoky, cool, enthusiastic, friendly, sincere.

Languages: Fluent in English, Hindi/Urdu, Swedish; working knowledge of Arabic, Spanish; basic training in Italian, German. Ability to do multiple dialects.

Voice Accents: US American, Middle/Plains American, Southern American, NYC, British, Australian, Russian, Indian/South Asian, and others!

Specialties: Announcer, Narrator, Character, Impersonation, Urban, Political, Real Person